Friday, February 02, 2007
Stolen Property
Today I woke up in stolen property. Let me explain. It all started about a month ago.

The rain storm got the best of me. And by the time I arrived for work, my clothes were soaked through and stuck to me. I was shivering from the cool mid-winter rain.

"You can't work like that", said a friend of mine as I huddled myself in a blanket from the warmer. "Why don't you get a set of OR scrubs".

So I did. Okay, someone did for me. I was lucky really. Within ten minutes, I was in a fresh set of scrubs. I was warm and dry.

I wore the scrubs home. I had no other choice because my other clothes were still wet.
But now that they're home, they don't want to go back to the hospital. Okay, maybe they want to go back - maybe it's just me that doesn't want them to.
But they're comfy. Very comfy. Perfect for lounging or sleeping in. Perfect as a warming layer under my jeans on a cold day. They're mine now.

And as the little tag on them reminds me, removing them from hospital property constitutes theft. Just don't tell the authorities, because if I end up in jail, the uniform might not be as comfortable as my OR scrubs. Shhhh, this will be our little secret.


Blogger Ali said...

It is tough... when those guys follow you home they just don't want to go back. :)

(I admit... a pair has followed me home too, and they just refuse to leave.)

Blogger Julie said...

My house is overrun with scrubs that have followed me home. They just get lost and can't find their way back. At least not for a few months (or years).

Great blog! I'm really enjoying reading you (that just doesn't sound right, does it?)

Blogger Nathan said...

Haha, excellent. I have a pair that were intentionally dyed pink to keep them from wandering. But they fit so well. The only pair I've ever gotten with legs long enough for me. They might be a while getting home.

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