Wednesday, May 31, 2006
When Does the Nursing Start??
I had a busy shift in triage recently. Often there was a line-up and I'd be required to move on through ~ ABCD and focused assessment, two-three minutes per patient, no more ~ but every once in a while there was a lull and I could start some nursing care to make the wait to see the doctor more pleasant and to initiate care to reduce wait times once in the department - things like:

* providing ice to injuries and ordering xrays when appropriate
* providing tylenol and ibuprofen for fever & pain and pedialyte for vomiting
* offering blankets, water and popsicles to the people who had been waiting for hours to be seen
* collecting urine specimens and throat swabs and sending them to the lab
* applying freezing cream to the veins of kids who looked like they would need IVs
* reducing a pulled elbow (on the first attempt and only after a thorough assesment and history)
* removing the imbedded rock from the boy's knee and flushing it with saline before applying freezing gel

I acted completely within the scope of my practice, using standing orders, delegated medical acts and shared competencies to facilitate this or discussing with the physician prior to initiating care that fell outside these (such as the facial xray for the guy who accidentally shot his lip with a nail gun).

None-the-less it appears I did more than usual at this facility as no less than three people made comments to me

*"Why are you doing all that out there for? We won't have anything left to do when they get inside!"

*"Stop keeping them so happy - they'll just keep coming back!"

and, the real insult ....

*"What, you think you're a doctor now?"

Nope. I think I am a nurse and I am providing nursing care. I am amazed to think that I should do any less!



Anonymous Linda said...

Just out of curiousity who had the nerve to ask you if you thought you were a doctor? Was it a doctor, nurse, tech? That's just awful. You sound like such a great nurse :) I can't wait to read more!

Blogger Cherry Ames said...

All of the comments came from other nurses. The docs had no issues at all with my work. Thanks for the comment/compliment :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish we had you here! Tell miss snotty remarks to 'shut it'!! Petty/jealous/potentially untalented/lazy people need not involve themselves with the just further pisses us off! ;-)

Tell them all to kiss your patooty! You did an awesome job! They're just jealous!

Anonymous Lene Petite said...

Actually, you will be soon! It is obvious that you were born for this work and you do it perfectly!Go on doing this way and you'll achieve the best results though I think that the best award for you is the recognition of your patients!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

why is it that nurses eat other nurses instead of encouraging each other and mentoring? you're doing a great job... keep at it!

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