Wednesday, May 24, 2006
It was only 25 feet long, housed 3 computers and had lots of open space as well as a multitude of shelves and racks for books. We were told it was the 'charting room' - for use equally by the doctors and nurses.

It was only a small corner of this desk, in an area never touched by anyone except to dump their reference materials when they couldn't be bothered to put them away.

It was only a milk crate of small (quiet!) toys and picture books donated by the nurses (or more specifically, by one of us). 20-30% of our patients are between the ages of 2 & 10, so it seemed reasonable that there be some toys available to entertain them during the hours of waiting.

It only took one doctor (small 'd' doctor) to have a hissy fit about the 'toys crowding his charting area!' as they sat inoffensively 10 feet away from him, neat and tidy in their 1 ft by 1 ft milk container.

And now in the corner there is only his crumpled coffee cup, and the toys are gone.



What a goober....

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