Wednesday, May 24, 2006
The Start
What do you do when your work makes you crazy and you can't share it with anyone? How do you debrief when you can't violate confidentiality? Why, you blog, of course.

Soon my friend and I will share with you some of the fun and frustration of the places we work, but for tonight, it is enough to figure out this blogger program. :)

See you again soon!

Cherry Ames


Blogger StuNrse07 said...

Cherry Ames books made me want to be a nurse when I found the first 3 in the series at a used bookstore at age 7.

30 years in 2nd year of nursing school FINALLY and loving it. I have purchased the entire set of Cherry Ames books off of Ebay over the years.

Thanks for the blogging!


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