Thursday, January 11, 2007
There is nothing more enjoyable or more educating than a good story. As a child I would read for hours, and short stories were among my favourite (as well as frequent re-reading of my collection of Cherry Ames books, of course!)

As an adult the time available for reading is much less, and good stories are hard to find. So, imagine my delight when Kim, the author of Emergiblog, began a blog carnival just for stories of, by and for Nurses!

Yesterday the current edition of 'Change of Shift' was posted. I have voraciously read every edition, but this is definitely one of the best collections yet (and not just because one of my infrequent posts is there, LOL).

Props to the contributors - you make me happy and proud and sad in an ongoing swirl of emotions. These are great posts. Thank you for representing our profession so well.

Props also to Kim - without your leadership we would not have this excellent forum. Thank you.



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