Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Blast from the Past
I saw the name on the chart I'd just been handed and my heart skipped a beat. It couldn't be - but it was... Suddenly I was transported back to my high school days and I blushed miserably.

I'd tried so hard to make J notice me. I made endless drives past his house in my Dad's car, took his 12 year old sister out shopping, went to church with his grandmother and mother, walked home from school with his younger brother (who was in my grade) even though it took me well out of my way to my own home, and came to every friday night family movie night in his basement for months. Always without success. I was welcome, but was always treated like his kid sister. The whole family tried to encourage his brother to like me, but that never worked either. His brother just wasn't that into me, and vice versa.

In retrospect, this was to J's credit. A 26 year old with a 16 year old would not in any way have been an appropriate pairing.

Back to the present. It's 22 years later and my biggest unrequoited crush is now about to become my patient. I begged a co-worker to take this patient for me, and then made myself scarce while J was placed in the department. Professionalism was absolutely not possible.

Besides, I didn't want my memories of the kind young man he was tainted by whatever he had become..



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