Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Head case
I don't like to second guess people. But I do feel that I have a certain amount of responsibility to ensure that the orders I receive are written on the correct chart. Because lets face it, we all make mistakes, especially when it's super busy.

The physician handed me a chart and asked for a chest x-ray. Routine, I thought. No big deal.

"Ummm, are you sure you want a chest x-ray?"
"Yep, Room 7, Chest"
"Okay.... but his chart says he's here for a head injury."
"Okay, I think I'll put 'trouble breathing' as reason for exam. If I put head injury, I'm pretty sure that x-ray will be confused and ask if that's what we really wanted."
"Sure, that sounds good."

For the record, he left the department with the findings reading as: Asthma. That must have been one crazy head injury.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, almost everyone gets a portable chest xray now...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chest x-rays kill the germs that cause bad breath.

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