Thursday, April 26, 2007
How many people does it take to run an emerg department?

Today, it felt like too many.

It was a busy shift. Staff wise. Patient wise. Not so much. There were always patients to be seen. There was a short (less than an hour) wait. But there wasn't a long, long line up.

If you had stumbled into our Emerg department today and did a head count of staff you would have found:

2 staff physicians
2 house staff
6 nurses
3 nursing students
1 ward clerk
1 unit aid
2 registration clerks
1 senior resident (admitting a patient)
1 junior resident (admitting a patient)
1-3 specialist residents (Ortho, Opthamology and Psych)
1 mental health crisis worker

Maybe, just maybe, we had some patients floating around. But with that many people, it's hard to know. But i guarantee you, at any given moment, there were more staff than patients.



Blogger Cherry Ames said...

Those are the days when I'm in charge and the noise level makes me want to rip out my hair and have a screaming spaz that would rival a two-year-old's temper tantrum!

Blogger girlvet said...

At our hospital you can add a "scribe" (they do charting for the doctor) for each doctor to the mix. It gets to be a dull roar.

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