Wednesday, January 02, 2008
Happy Holidays
Ahhhh Christmas. More specifically, Christmas spent working. Overnight shift.

No folks, it was not fun. We all would have rather been celebrating with friends and family. But of course, the hospital never closes. And the patients that come in have concerns and they would most likely be with thier family and friends too.

I think it was summed up perfectly by one 10 year old in the middle of the night. While I processed his registration he spent most of the time resting his head on his arm on my desk. At one point, he looked up at me with a look of desperation and said "I'm so glad you guys are open". So I smiled at him and said "We never close. Just in case someone really needs us." He breathed a sigh of relief and went back to resting his head.

He came in because of vomiting. Had a short visit with the doctor and then was sent on his way. But at 3:00 am on Christmas day, he didn't want to be at the hospital either. But in the end, he was glad that we were there for him. And that, I suppose, is the only thing that makes a night shift rewarding (whether or not it is Christmas ).


I like holidays.. I need a Holiday a long holiday...
Thank you for the post..

Blogger Chris said...

I like holidays at least we got chance to enjoy life and if holiday on festival means this is nice combination. So we can say happy holidays.

Blogger Adam said...

you can enjoy holidays!nice to provinding this post..
Scrub pants

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