Wednesday, November 07, 2007
Dear Hospital Administration Staff
Today I spent a full day at a workshop.

I was interested in the workshop. I thought that it really was going to change my perception about how we care for families in our facility.

To a degree, it did. There was a panel discussion and 4 families shared their stories, their experiences as patients, and families who have come to our hospital in times of need. My complaint, is that these were all families who had positive things to say. One parent commented that she and her family spent nearly 10 months in an intensive care and had only had one not so positive experience. Woo hoo. Except this: I see and hear from disgruntled parents. I know they write letters, send complaints and voice concerns. Why didn't we hear any of their suggestions? Any of their stories? Because, yes the nice pat on the back is great. But how the heck do you think we're going to see change if no one tells us what we're not doing right.
The same issues come up over and over again. We identified areas that we could improve on. Well, parents, families and staff at the hospital have been talking about this in the 7 years I've worked there. So why are we still discussing the ideas. When do we stop talking about them and start implementing them.
And really, what I felt that I walked away with at the end of the day was a bunch of people who were just looking for a pat on the back. A dog and pony show so we could 'voice' our ideas that have fallen on deaf ears for what I'm guessing is decades and feel like we've accomplished something.

I'm not buying it.

One very disgruntled employee



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